3.3V 5V ST-LINK V2 Programmer


  • Use aluminum alloy U disk shell to install internal motherboard.
  • The interface definition is directly marked on the enclosure.
  • 5V, 3.3V at the same time to provide external use, convenient for you to connect 5V and 3.3V target board.
  • The shell characters use laser engraving, never fade off and permanent clarity.
  • The internal motherboard with 500MA self recovery fuse, completely protect your expensive computer motherboards.
  • Red and blue double color LED indicator lamp, it is convenient for you to observe the working state of ST-LINK V2 at all times.
  • Distribution dupont wire, so that you can easily deal with the wire sequence of different target board.
  • The outer packing is made of anti-static bag and sealed pack by automatic sealing machine. It is safe and reliable and not afraid of static electricity or water.