RunCam Micro Swift 2


  • One Touch Scene Setting (5 scenes scenes).No need to enter the menu, just a button, that can switch between different preset scenes,Personal (Lightbox) Outdoor (Outdoor) Indoor (Indoor) Cloudy (Cloudy) Twilight (Dusk Low).
  • Low voltage hint: When the voltage is below the alarm value, the lower left corner of the voltage will become purple and flashing.The alarm value can be set as follows.Push up the osd tune button, call the parameter menu, set the voltage alarm value in the alarm voltage setting option.
  • Low power consumption, 12V 60mA / 5V 130mA (which is mainly compared to Micro Arrow), that is, the same battery, the same plane, with Micro Swift 2 can fly a little longer.
  • Voltage adjustment.Push the osd parameter to the left to activate the lower left voltage (flashing state), fine-tune the power by pushing the up / down push osd key.